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Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
Hey, guys! I am Matthew Holyfudgeiforgotmylastname! And I am an animator! I've been drawing since I took a grip of the pen and I've been making animations since I was 8.

I aslo make a slowly increasing in popularity deviantART series named "Espurr!". It's pretty dark though, I warn you.

I highly recommend you check out these people. DO IT OR I WILL MANGLE YOU UNTIL YOU DIE!! ..... JK.

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I am also part of :iconcasey-the-unicorn:'s DA Family. She and I are DA cousins.

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What I like to watch, play, read, etc.

More TBA...

Last Updated: July 14, 2014. 12:28 PM (CT).

Okay, here's my first thoughts on the upcoming SpongeBob movie "Sponge Out Of Water".

When I first heard about a sequel for the first SpongeBob movie in 2012 I was excited, and when I found out that Hillenburg was returning for the movie I was even more excited, and when I found out that it was gonna have CGI I was surprised but still sort of pumped, and when I heard about the superhero thing I didn't know what to say. But then this trailer came and I was won over again.

While the trailer isn't perfect, I will say it looks pretty nice so far. The humor's good, the animation is good, and even the CGI parts and the superhero part is somewhat decent.

Since Hillenburg came back to write the story, it has a pre-first movie era feel to it and makes it somewhat enjoyable. Not only is the humor at least redeemed because of that but so are the characters' original personalities. SpongeBob's annoying idiotic behavior is gone and his his kind (yet a little naive) kid-at-heart personality is back, Patrick isn't so much as a dumbass or a smartass, Mr. Krabs actually cares that the whole world is threatened instead of it just because of his money, and if you listen closely SpongeBob's old lower voice is back.

Then again there are a couple flaws. First of all, why would you need CGI when SpongeBob and his friends are on the surface? SpongeBob and Patrick were traditionally animated when they were on land in the last movie. Well, I could see why seeing as that if they're on land things need to look real, yet still. However, I will give it credit for the CGI being well animated. Second, how come everyone doesn't dry up on the beach? They need water helmets. Hell, SANDY still has her undersea suit and helmet on while on land. It's just bizarre. Thirdly, how exactly is this a sequel to the 2004 film? It doesn't follow the story. Plankton is clearly not in jail, there's no Krusty Krab 2, and there's no King Neptune or Mindy. And that's a shame because I wanted to see them in this movie, maybe even with Triton. Sadly, no dice. Then again this might take place before the first movie seeing as though it takes place at the end of the show.

But I'm over-analyzing this, it's still a promising trailer nonetheless. I'm not saying I will watch the movie the day it comes out, but it still looks like a good movie and I might catch it either on DVD or Nickelodeon (unless it gets good reception of course). However this is just a trailer. Will the movie itself be good or a box office trap? Nobody knows. We'll find out eventually. I just hope Sponge Out Of Water will be worth the hype. We don't want another Atlantis SquarePantis or Truth or Square. But it looks pretty good overall so I give it a 7.

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